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Welcome to the website www.linhtrangcompany.com. Linh Trang Company is a professional international company has traded in some kinds of business, especially in agriculture, processing, marketing and export of fishery products. We always focus on the topic of providing seafood products affordable and best quality at competitive prices to customers worldwide. In addition to meeting the development situation in southeast Asia in particular, as well as the strong development of the world, in 2011 the company Linh Trang also expanded our business in several key areas such as transportation by air, rental office and luxury apartment complex, and high-cap room Gym. Especially the year to July 2011, the company has just opened and put to use building of 82-84 Thang Long str, Ward 4, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City, including the high-level utilities for rent offices and apartments range in size to meet demand for luxury housing shortage in the city, with a new style system of modern gym area 150m2 second most HCM City.

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People trafficking properties of hardships for gold loans

hIn Ho Chi Minh, one of the local consumption of many of the country's gold, most real estate transactions, trading in the city are using gold as a means of payment. Explosion of gold fever in recent times has caused great losses to consumers are familiar with gold as a means of payment.

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Luxury Offices and apartments

Officer and apartments for rent 82-84 Thang Long building is a very important value and bring a new concept of standards for an area apartment complex with full facilities inconsistent.

With a beautiful location, located on Thang Long, 500m from the airport, even a supermarket just 200m Super Bowl, this place is expensive place to live .

Export Sea food

Founded more than 10 years ago, Cty Linh Trang is a leading company in the seafood export industry in Ho Chi Minh. This is the first industries of the company, with materials supplied from different provinces in central and provincial mass of the Mekong Delta, so we are proud to supply the public with quality seafood The best quality with most competitive price.

Linh Trang fitness club

Last July, the company opened Linh Trang club fitness clubs gym named Linh Trang, located at 82-84 Thang Long Road, Ward 4, Tan Binh District, HCMC

This is a Gym room, the first system in the club gym and beauty company. Page number 82-84 gym Linh Thang Long is equipped with 100% new equipment imported from countries around the world.